1950 ad: Ipana for healthier teeth

. Thursday, September 5, 2013

You can have a more wholesome, sweeter, cleaner mouth and breath -- if you guard against tooth decay and gum troubles both. So don't take chances with halfway dental care. Use doubly-effective Ipana care for healthier teeth, healthier gums -- better all-around protection for your whole mouth. Keep your whole mouth wholesome! Fight tooth decay and gum troubles with the one leading paste specially designed to do both. Are you doing all you should to keep your whole mouth wholesome? Not unless you do what dentists advise: fight gum troubles as well as tooth decay. With one famous tooth paste -- with Ipana and massage -- you can guard your teeth and gums both. No other tooth paste -- ammoniated or any other -- has been proved more effective than Ipana to fight tooth decay. And no other leading tooth paste is specially designed to stimulate gum circulation -- promote healthier gums. Remember, Ipana is the only leading tooth paste made especially to give you this doubly-protective, doubly effective care. Now, today, start this double protection -- keep your whole mouth "Ipana wholesome." You'll like Ipana's wholesome, refreshing flavor, too. Get Ipana! Ipana for healthier teeth, healthier gums. I use Ipana with confidence ... Bristol-Myers makes it," says Miss Jean Fritz of Long Island City, New York. Bristol-Myers, makers of Ipana Tooth Paste, have worked with leading dental authorities for many years on scientific studies of the teeth and gums. You can use Ipana with complete confidence that it provides effective care for teeth and gums both. It's another reliable Bristol-Myers product.

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