1950 ad: The Nash Family of cars

. Friday, September 6, 2013

You've never seen anything like it! Touch a button -- it's a super-safe open car! Push a button -- there's the comfort of a family sedan! It's the Nash Rambler Landau... America's lowest price 5 passenger Convertible. Come see the most trilling convertible in years -- for new Nash Rambler. For the first time -- all the fun and sun of a super-smart open car, with the safety of Airflyte Construction -- combined with the year-'round comfort and rattle-proof rigidity of a sedan. All at a quick button's push -- all at lowest price! Goes like a blue streak! Easiest of all to handle! Delivers up to 30 miles a gallon at average highway speed. Custom-tailored to your order... equipped with weather eye, radio, nearly $300 worth of custom extras at no added cost! Come see the new Nash Rambler that's got America talking Nash! It's the newest member of the Nash Family Airstyle. The Ambassador. The Statesman. The Rambler Convertible Landau. Great cars since 1902. Nash Motors, Division Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, Detroit, Michigan. Statesman More than 25 miles to the gallon at average highway speed! Like the Nash Ambassador, the Statesman Super and Custom series feature coil-springing on all four wheels... Sky-Lounge Safety Interiors, Airliner, Reclining Seat.. Twin Beds... and America's best aerodynamic design, proved by wind-tunnel test to cut fuel cost, wind-noise, fatigue. Ambassador. The most modern of America's fine cars now offers Hydra-Matic drive with exclusive Nash Selecto-Lift Starting. America's top high-compression performance (7.3 to 1 ratio) on regular gasoline. All Nash cars have Airflyte Construction... body and frame one welded, super-strong unit that's rattle-proof, twice as rigid stays new years longer. There's much of tomorrow in all nash does today.

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