1950 ad: Thin Gilettes

. Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The trail led to bedroom "B." They fell for it! The "Top Secret" envelope is gone. Now we'll have a decoy to lead us to their hideout! As the "Capital Comet" streaks through the night, two government agents seem pleased to find their brief case has been looted. Late that night. Here's our man! What space, George? That pair's from bedroom "B," Sir. Blond Gentleman. Using a Geiger counter our agents pick up traces of a mildly Radio-Active dust they had sprinkled on their bedroom floor. I'll trail him, Joe. You wait at the bureau for my call. Right. This looks like the pay-off. The trap is sprung. Who are you? We're government agents. You're under arrest! The chief wants you there when he gives the story to the papers, Ches. Then I'd better shave right now. I didn't have time this morning. Thin Gillettes, Eh? Thanks. What a sweet Slick shave! No wonder I've been hearing about these blades. Thin Gillettes are plenty keen. But how did you know just who took the envelope? That's an official secret. A fine-looking lad. Just the type for that New York vacancy. For shaves that are easy, good-looking and mighty economical use thin Gillettes, the fastest-selling blades in the low price field. Thin Gillettes are precision made to fit your Gillette Razor exactly and protect you from Nicks and Razor burn. Ask for them in the convenient, new 10-blade package with used-blade compartment. 10-25 cents. 4-10 cents. New 10-blade package has compartment for used blades.

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