1950 ad:Great New Dreft

. Friday, September 20, 2013

Now try the world's latest and greatest dishwashing sensation. Procter & Gamble's great new Dreft with 2 big new features. 1. 40% more dishwashing power. See the difference. See these amazing new suds in action. New Dreft is packed with the power to wash 40% more dishes. New, extra value. See how clean Dreft washes dishes! So clean they shine even without wiping. See how grease vanishes. New Dreft cuts grease better than any soap in the world. 2. New Beauty Mildness for hands. Feel the difference. Feel Dreft's amazing new beauty mildness! The mildest Dreft suds ever! Feel the dishwater. How clean and grease-free! new Dreft suds are different than any soap int he world. Feel! Even the sink is clean. No ring. No dirt. No scum. Remember too. Dreft leaves no germ breeding film and so Dreft helps protect your family's health. Safer for your washable colors than the mildest soap flakes.

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