1952 ad: Magic Duch Rock Garden

. Saturday, September 28, 2013

Magic Dutch Rock Garden Grows in 4 days. Only $1.00. Grows in 4 days. Lasts for months in any season. Boys and girls, here's exciting news. News about something entirely different! Now you can grow a real garden of your very own -- right in your own home. Yes, here's an amazing magic garden you set up an plant yourself in a few minutes. Grow real grass and flowers in just a few days! You'll thrill to the magic of Mother Nature as you watch the grass sprout and the flowers take root and grow right before your eyes. In no time at all you'll have a colorful healthy garden and what a kick you'll get playing gardener, cutting the grass, watering the plants, and tending the lovely sweet-smelling flowers. You can even clip a beautiful bunch of flowers for mom or friend. All your friends will wonder how you were able to make things grow -- They'll all want to show them how! Winter-Summer, Spring or fall grow grasses green and flowers tall. Over a hundred square inches of garden -- special wishing pool in the center -- an American flag and pole -- Two attractive butterflies that look like they're flying -- Your own container. Just look at the list! For boys and girls of all ages. Here's a beautiful garden all your own for just a single dollar bill. You'll have hours of fun. You'll surprise your family and friends with what you know and what you can do! 10 Day trial free. If you are not 100% delighted with this Garden just send it back. We will refund the full purchase price at once. Rush coupon now. Honor House Products Corp. Dept. 12. 836 Broadway New York 3 N.Y.

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