1953 ads: I'll Prove I can make you a new man

. Saturday, September 7, 2013

They mailed this coupon and look what I did for them. You mail the coupon below and I'll prove I can make you a new man. My secret method has done wonders for thousands -- here's what I prove it can do for you -- in just 15 minutes a day! Just mail the coupon below. Read my free book. And then give me 15 minutes a day. that's all I ask. I'll prove you can have the kind of body that your friends will admire. There's no cost if I fail. I don't care how old or young you are, or how ashamed of your present physical condition you may be. If you can flex your arm I can add solid muscle to your biceps in double quick time! I can broaden your shoulders strengthen your back; add inches to your chest, give you a vise-like grip, make those legs of yours powerful; shoot new strength into you backbone, exercise those inner organs, cram your body full of vigor and red-blooded vitality. What's my secret? Dynamic tension. That's the ticket! The identical natural method that changed me from a 97-pound weakling to the world's champion! Thousands are becoming marvelous physical specimens -- my way. No gadgets or contraptions. You simply use the Dormant muscle power in your own god-given body -- watch it increase double-quick into solid muscle. "Dynamic Tension" is easy! Only 15 minutes a day in your own home. You can use Dynamic Tension almost unconsciously every minute -- walking, bending over, etc. -- to build muscle and vitality. You'll be using the method which many great athletes use -- fighters, wrestlers, baseball, football players, etc. Free illustrated 32-page book. Not $1 or 10 cents but fee. Send now for my famous book, "Everlasting Health and Strength." Over 3 1/2 million fellows have sent for it already. Valuable advice. Shows what Dynamic Tension has done for others, answers many vital questions. page by page it shows what I can do for you. This book is a real prize for any fellow who wants a better build. Yet I'll send you a copy absolutely free. Just glancing through it may mean the turning point in your whole life. Rush coupon to me personally; Charles Atlas, Dept. 2552, 115 East 23rd St., New York 10, N.Y.  Are you skinny, weak, run down? Always tired? Nervous? Constipated? Fat and flabby? Want to lose or gain weight? What to do about it is told in my free book. Silver cup given away. Over a foot high will be given to pupil who makes greatest physical improvement in next 3 months. Charles Atlas awarded the title of "The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man" in an international contest.

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