1971 ad: Alcoa's Alumiframe building System

. Friday, September 6, 2013

Today, Aluminum is Something Else. It's a better 2x4. Alcoa's new Alumiframe building system has every part needed to frame in a house. Works like your old erector set and like supersonic jets and moon rockets, it's made of strong, lightweight Alcoa aluminum. It's more stable. The Alumiframe system is dimensionally stable and designed not to sag or warp. Windows and doors won't stick because of warping or swelling of framework. It's incombustible. You'll have more peace of mind because our metal can't harbor or feed a fire. And you can forget about insect or vermin damage to the framework. Ever see a termite chew aluminum? It's ready to roll. The Alumiframe system is a natural for the mass-produced housing of the 70's. It's being used in several areas, possibly yours. So ask your builder about it. And step into the Space Age.

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