1971 ad: "Blue Cross is a friend when you need one most"

. Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blue Cross is a friend when you need one most. What does it mean to be a Blue Cross member? Ask Mr. and Mrs. Richard Alexander of Mt. Clemens, Michigan. They'll tell you. They'll tell you about a nightmare that began on a camping trip when a tent fire almost claimed the lives of their three children. The youngsters, Bruce 7, Mary 5, and Linda 4, were treated at nearby Deckerville Community Hospital, then rushed to a special burn unit at St. Joseph Hospital in Ann Arbor. Only after 6 months of intensive care and skin graft operations could the Alexanders be certain all three of their children would live. Even then the ordeal wasn't over. Prolonged outpatient treatment followed. And little Mary and Linda are still in and out of hospitals. The bill for initial treatment alone totaled $66,732. Blue Cross paid the bill. Gladly. But just as important to the Alexanders, we were with them every step of the way. To make thing easier. To lift the burden of money worries at a time when they had so many other things to worry about. The Alexanders' Blue Cross card worked wonders. It was the only financial reference they needed the first night in Deckerville. It was all they needed for the intensive care in Ann Arbor. And it provided for the children's outpatient treatment back home again. But it took a total of 47 Blue Cross people, only one of whom was Alexanders ever met to smooth the way. That's the way it is for the men and women of Blue Cross. There are 48,000 of us. Highly skilled, trained people who bring a unique kind of dedication to our jobs. Most of us work behind the scenes. We do thing like negotiate your health care benefits, audit your bills, handle the mountains of paperwork necessary to process your claims. You may never meet us. But we're there when you need us. Just ask Richard and LuAnn Alexander. Or any of the other 14 million people who received the help they received the help they needed last year by presenting their Blue Cross card. Blue Cross 74 million Americans strong. And growing stronger. Presented by the Blue Cross Association 840 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago Illinois 60611, representing the 75 local Blue Cross Plans in America.

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