1971 ad: "The Lure of the Vasty Deep"

. Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The lure of the vasty deep for just $9.95. Alas, how few of us have physical stamina and spiritual strength to don wet suit and mask and armed only with harpoon and camera join sleek muscled youths in exploration of  Neptune's watery domain. But now, slightly breathless, and on terra firma you may participate (at least vicariously) in romantic undersea exploits by donning Haverdiver Watch. This remarkable Swiss timepiece features luminous dial, sweep-second lapsed time indicator, calendar, steel body, tropical strap and one lovingly positioned jewel. We list Haverdiver at $16.95, but today -- swept up in a tide of good fellowship -- it's just $9.95 ... a laughable bargain. And that isn't all. We'll also send you our colorful 56-page catalog and a $2 gift certificate. Haverdiver is guaranteed in writing for one full year and if you are not delighted you may return it within two weeks for speedy and courteous refund. So for a reliable good loking watch that you don't have to take off in shower, bathtub, pool or sauna, and with which you may even gambol in Neptune's realm of mermaid, stingray and octopus, jot your name, address and szip on the margin, send us your check for $10.95 ($9.95 plus $1.00 for postage and insurance -- Californians please add another 55 cents for our leader in Sacramento) and we  shall float that Haverdiver right out to you. 583 Washington, San Francisco California 94111. Haverhill's

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