1971 ad: Moneysworth Magazine

. Sunday, September 29, 2013

America's No. 1 Skinflint. Pictured above is Ralph Ginzburg, the New York magazine publisher; no one is more tightfisted than he. Mr. Ginzburg has made a career of perfecting and implementing ingenious methods of making and holding on to money. Now he has even launched a publication devoted to that subject. Its name is Moneysworth. Moneysworth is more than just a manual of  Ralph Ginzburg's personal financial ploys. It is a jolly, brash and surprisingly authoritative Fagin School in the art and science of shrewd investment and expenditure. It covers personal finance, investments, consumer affairs (including product ratings) and just about every other facet of money management. Moneysworth 110 W. 40th St., New York 10018.

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