1971 ad: Panasonic Tape Recorders

. Monday, September 23, 2013

Are you going to buy more cassette tape recorder than you need? Or not enough? Not if you buy a Panasonic. Because we make more cassette tape recorders than anyone. In all kinds of combinations. And our portables have pushbutton controls. Auto-Stp. That stops the machine at the end of the tape. Easy-Matic. So no matter how loudly or softly you speak, it's all put down just right. plus optional adapters for car and boat. And all work on batteries as well as house current. Including the RQ-224S with an optional AC adapter. Our RQ-224S is more cassette recorder than you thought you could get for your money. Because it has a lot of the features of the more sophisticated Panasonic's. But not the price. And its pistol-grip-type handle makes it a cinch to carry around. If you want a little a little more Panasonic, the RQ-209DAS gives it to you. Big, beautiful piano-key pushbuttons and a sleek silver trim. When the cassette is done, push a button and it pops up. The RQ-226S is our deluxe pistol-grip version. With roll-bar volume and tone control. A meter to tell you how strong your batteries are. And a big 4" dynamic speaker. This Panasonic, the RQ-222AS, has a super-sensitive condenser mike built inside. So you just have to talk into the room instead of into the mike. It also has a digital counter. Panasonic's RQ-236S adds another dimension to cassettes. Radio. Both FM and AM. Built right into the unit. So you can listen to your favorite stations when you're not recording your favorite sounds. And if you want to record or play back cassettes in stereo, you want our Model RQ-254S. With two 5" by 3" side-firing speakers. A VU/battery meter. And separate tone and volume controls for each speaker. Plus a stereo/monaural selector switch. Then there's our Language Lab RQ-229S. It lets you listen to a language. Repeat it in your own words. And then listen to them both. You can also use it as a regular cassette recorder and stereo player deck. Take this ad to your Panasonic dealer. And listen to what you've just read. You don't have to get more than you need or less than you want. If you listen to Panasonic. Panasonic just slightly ahead of our time. 200 Park Avenue, New York 10017. For your nearest Panasonic dealer, call 800-631-1971. In N.J. 800-962-2803. We pay for the call. Ask about any Model.

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