1971 ad: Yamaha Electrone Organ

. Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What do you do when you're forty years old, and nobody can come out and play with you? You dash to the parlour, open a little cover, throw a little switch and really wail. If you have a big Yamaha Electrone Organ, you signal one of your electronic rhythm bands to back you up. You press a little button and start up a cha-cha beat. You step on a pedal and your foot becomes a tuba. Or a bass. You press another button; and your fingers become trumpets, or string sections or flutes. And if you have a little Yamaha Organ, you can still make Swanee River sound like a steamboat in Carnegie Hall. Whatever size Yamaha you have it's incredibly a lot of music for an inspired little price. Sure, nobody comes out to play with you. They'd rather come in and play with your Yamaha Organ.  Ask about the Yamaha Music School a uniquely rich educational experience for children four to eight. 
I find this ad disturbing for one reason. That guy who is supposed to be 40 looks more like 60 to me. At least I hope that isn't what 40 looks like because I just turned 40 myself. Please tell me that isn't what 40 looks like.

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