1982 ad: Grit will help you start your own business

. Monday, September 2, 2013

Casper the Friendly Ghost in Like Magic. Casper, my wishing wand isn't working. Why not start your own business, Wendy? it works like magic! Sell Grit! For every copy you sell you make a generous profit and it won't take long to earn your own spending money every week! Pretty smart for a friendly ghost. And you earn prizes too! More than 100 to choose from. The more papers you deliver the neater the prizes. This is more fun than a flying broom. Want to earn prizes and cash in your spare time? All it takes is a little Grit. Grit will help you start your own business. You will be sent 10 papers to sell, supplies and selling helps. You pay nothing in advance, so you don't risk a penny. You have nothing to lose by starting your own Grit business. Thousands of young persons all over America now sell Grit. You'll have steady profits and earn free prizes regularly. Introduce Grit to friends, relatives, neighbors and others. Hurry! Sign up now. State law requires newsboys and girls to be 10 years or older, 12 years or older in the states of Alabama, Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and Wisconsin. Grit Publishing Co, HC32 Williamsport, PA 17701

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