1984 ad: Nu Hairtrition

. Monday, September 2, 2013

"Me go bald? Not a chance!" "I feed my hair all the nutrition it needs." Nu Hairtrition by the originators of natural hair care. Since 1975 our pioneering, research and progress has created natural, results-oriented products for you. Nu-Hairtrition is now better than ever because we've added the vegetable source, Organic Silica, to give your hair all the nutrition it needs. Revitalize your scalp -- promote new hair growth with the perfect partner. Nu-Hairtrition Blue-Green Algae Natural Protein Shampoo. Stops hair loss by deep-cleansing hair and scalp with exclusive Ferm-T Jojoba, our distillate for removing sebum, to let hair follicles breathe. Freshwater anabaena algae is highest in pure protein. Biotin protects and strengthens hair. $6.95 at leading health food stores or contact us for information. 4-D/Hobe Marketing Corporation 2727 W. Southern Ave., Tempe, Arizona 85282. Phone toll free: 1-800-528-4482

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