1872 ad: Land in Iowa and Nebraska on sale by Burlington & Missouri River R.R. Co.

. Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Millions of acres. Iowa and Nebraska lands for sale on 10 years credit by the Burlington & Missouri River R.R. Co. at 6 per ct. interest and low prices. Only one-seventh of principal due annually, beginning four years after purchase. 20 per cent deducted from 10 years price for cash. Land exploring tickets sold and cost allowed in first interest paid on land bought in 30 days from date of ticket. Thus our land buyers get a free pass in the United States where the land bought is located. These terms are better at $5 than to pre-empt United States Land at $2.50 per acre. Extraordinary inducements on freight and passage are afforded to their families. Address George S. Harris, Land Commissioner, or T.H. Leavitt, Assistant Land Commissioner, Burlington, Iowa. Free rooms for buyers to board themselves are provided at Burlington and Lincoln. Circulars are supplied gratis for distribution in organizing colonies and to induce individuals to emigrate West. Products will pay for land and improvements! A sectional map, showing exact location of our Iowa Lands is sold for 30 Cents, and of Nebraska lands for 30 cents.

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