1902 ad: The 7 Wild Wheel Whirl Wonders

. Friday, October 11, 2013

Forepaugh & Sells Brothers Enormous Shows United. J.A. Bailey, W.W. Cole, Lewis Sells and Peter Sells: Equal Owners. The 7 Wild Wheel Wonders. The 7 Gaynells in furiously exciting races between from two to seven riders on an open fence track only 5 feet high and 20 feet diameter pitched at an acute angle of 70 degrees. Also marvelous trick and fancy riding.
Holy crap! Take a moment to appreciate this act. 7 people on bikes (and at least 2 of them appear to be ladies, by the way) are riding on a track made of fence. Fence! They are riding dangerously close together at an alarming angle. And did I mention this was 1902? So let's just say that these aren't exactly lightweight, precision machines.

I don't know your names, 7 Wild Wheel Whirl Wonders, but I salute you.

Someone needs to recreate this track and make some hilarious blooper videos (because accidents are inevitable) for YouTube.

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