1908 Sears Catalog ad: Improved Revolver Rifle Stock -- turns a pistol into a magazine rifle

. Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our improved revolver rifle stock. 75 cents. Our revolver rifle stock converts a revolver into a magazine rifle by attaching this skeleton stock to the butt of any revolver, which can be instantly done by giving the screw on the skeleton stock a few turns to the right. You can shoot at short range as accurately with an ordinary pistol as you can with any rifle. With the aid of this stock and any ordinary revolver you can have all the enjoyment of shooting a magazine rifle at a cost at least $5.00 lower than you could purchase the cheapest rifle for. The jaws of this stock are covered with leather so they will not mar the revolver. The stock is nicely nickel plated and finished. Length of stock, 14 1/2 inches; weight of stock 16 oz. This stock will not take a Colt's Automatic Pistol on account of the magazine in the handle of this pistol. No. 6K1488 Revolver Rifle Stock. Price 75 cents. If by mail, postage extra 20 cents. Insured mail 25 cents.

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