1930s French Ad: Seins

. Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seins pour devalopper vos seins trop plats; pour raffermir et remonter vos seins mous et tombants; pour diminuer et durcir vos seins trop gros et trop lourds, e crivez moi avec confiance en citant ce journal. jevois enverrai gratuitement et discretement, par lettre cachetee, mon Secret infaillible, facile a suivre a l'insu de votre entourage. Sans rien absorber, meme si vos entourage. Sans rien absorber, meme si vos seins sont tres abimes et quel que que soit votre entourage. Sans rien absorber, meme si vois sains sont tres abimes et quel que soit votre age, ils seront, en 10 jours, developpes reconstitues, raffermis, embellis. Reussite certaine et absolument garantie, meme dans les cas rebelles et la ou tout a echoue. M Pasteur-Longard 6 Square Albin-Cachot (Rue Broca) Paris XIII And poorly translated into English: Breasts devalopper your breasts are too flat, to strengthen your back and soft and sagging breasts to reduce and tighten your breasts too big and heavy, e write me with confidence mentioning this newspaper. jevois send free and discreetly, by sealed letter, my Secret foolproof, easy to follow without the knowledge of your surroundings. Without absorb, even though your entourage. Without absorb, even if your breasts are very abyss and regardless of your surroundings. Without absorbing anything, although see chasms are very healthy and whatever your age, they will be in 10 days, reconstituted developed, strengthened, embellished. Some success and absolutely guaranteed, even in resistant cases and where everything has failed. Pastor M-6 Longard Square Albin-Dungeon (Rue Broca) Paris XIII

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