1950 ad: Blatz is Milwaukee's finest beer accordon to Myron Fohr

. Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"I'm from Milwaukee, I ought to know... Blatz is Milwaukee's finest beer!" says Myron Fohr, famous racing car driver. Auto-racing fans know that Milwaukee produces some of the nation's finest racing cars, says Myron Fohr. and everyone knows Milwaukee brews America's finest premium beers. Like most Milwaukeeans I've tried the best of tehm, so you can believe us when we say Blatz is Milwaukee's finest beer. Yes, official figures show that Blatz is the largest selling beer in Milwaukee and in all Wisconsin too. Try Blatz Beer today! Myron Fohr, who ranked #2 last year among the nation's racing drivers, drives for the famous Marchese brothers of Milwaukee. His best driving to date was in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Classic where he placed fourth. Blatz Better tasting beer for the 99th year. Tune in. Duffy's Tavern Thursday Evening 9:30 E.S.T., N.B.C. Take a tip from Myron Fohr and ask for Blatz today at your favorite club, tavern, restaurant, package store or grocer's. Enjoy Blatz, Milwaukee's finest beer! Blatz is Milwaukee's first bottled beer!

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