1950 ad: Enjoy beer

. Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beer belongs... enjoy it. "Getting the Boat Ready," by Douglass Crockwell. Number 42 in the series "Home Life in America." Beer belongs... enjoy it. In this home-loving land of ours... in this America of kindliness, of friendship, of good-humored tolerance... perhaps no beverages are more at home on more occasions than good American beer and ale. For beer and ale are the kinds of beverages Americans like. They belong -- to pleasant living, to good fellowship, to sensible moderation. And our right to enjoy them, this too belongs -- to our own American heritage of personal freedom. America's beverage of moderation. At mealtime too! United States Brewers Foundation.

I think it's interesting that the slogan for beer in this ad is "America's beverage of moderation." In 1950 Prohibition (which was repealed in 1933) was still fairly fresh in people's minds. And apparently the United States Brewers Foundation felt it was necessary to reassure Americans that beer isn't bad.

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