1950 ad: Keep dainty all day

. Saturday, October 5, 2013

Now a single spray keeps you dainty all day. New spray-on deodorant. Just spray it on! It's the fast, easy, modern way to end perspiration troubles. Etiquet spray-on is made by the exclusive Etiquet safe and sure formula1 eally ends perspiration odor, checks perspiration moisture! Does not irritate normal skin, does not damage clothing. Amazingly economical! Many months' supply in a smart, unbreakable blue plastic bottle, at a surprisingly low price. only 49 cents plus tax. Fluffy light Etiquet deodorant cream. If you prefer a cream deodorant, you'll love Etiquet "in the jar." Gives long-lasting production. Goes on easily, disappears in a jiffy. No gritty particles, won't dry out in jar, won't harm fabrics. 10 cents to 59 cents, plus tax. Also in handy tube.

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