1950 ad: Allen-A Atlastic Underwear with "live rubber"

. Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's new! From Allen-A! "Live-Rubber" Action Fit! Live rubber where it counts. This revolutionary new Allen-A Atlastic T-Shirt gives you live-rubber stretch in shoulder seams and collar for the most comfortable action-fit you ever had. Live rubber at vital points. New Allen-A Atlastic Briefs have live rubber stretch in legs and waist-band, of course. But their new live-rubber and combed-yarn knit fly is an Allen-A exclusive -- insures both mild support and permanent fit! Ask for this new Allen-A "wonder-wear" today! Allen A Atlastic Underwear engineered with "live rubber" -- fits like your own skin! * Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. -- Pat. No. 2,282,217
The idea of wearing "live rubber" scares me a little. I don't even know what that means. I'm picturing something like flubber. Like the crazy animated version of flubber from the 1997 movie with Robin Williams more than the tame version of flubber from the original movie. 

So I got curious and looked up the patent mentioned in the ad. I thought it would be a patent for the amazing "live rubber" material, but it's actually a patent for the underwear itself. Not quite as exciting, but there is something a little ridiculous about a patent diagram of underwear. So I'll share it with you anyway. If it piques your interest you read the full description thanks to Google Patent Search.

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