1950 ad: Johnson & Johnson V-Front Supporters "help you feel trim -- and look trim in your clothes."

. Sunday, October 6, 2013

Play safe, stay comfortable. In softball. In golf. And all other active sports. Wear a good supporter to protect yourself -- and reduce fatigue -- in sports. In the Johnson & Johnson supporter, the waist-anchored V-Front lifts the pouch, keeps it in place. No slip. No sag. No chafe. Sold in good stores everywhere. Trump and tuxedo for all-purpose use. Rugby with 6-inch waistband for greater abdominal support. The Chesterfield Supporter Belts with 10-inch waistband, help you feel trim -- and look trim in your clothes. The New York Yankee Baseball Club is using and endorsing Johnson & Johnson V-Front Supporters for the third straight season. Johnson & Johnson V-Front Supporters.

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