1952 ad: Look Slimmer and Feel Younger with a Health Supporter Belt

. Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An amazing new health supporter belt. For men in their 30's, 40's, 50's who want to look slimmer and feel younger. Does a bulging  "bay window" make you look and feel years older than you really are? Then here at last, is the answer to your problem! "Chevalier", the wonderful new adjustable health supporter belt is scientifically constructed to help you look and feel years younger. The Chevalier lifts and flattens your bulging "Bay Window." Why go on day after day with an "old-man's" mid-section bulge or with a tired back that needs posture support? Just see how Chevalier brings you vital control where you need it most! Chevalier has a built-in strap. You adjust the belt the way you want. Presto! Your bay window bulge is lifted in... flattened out -- yet you feel wonderfully comfortable. Front adjustment. Works quick as a flash! Simply adjust the strap and presto! The belt is perfectly adjusted to your greatest comfort! Two-way stretch wonder cloth. Firmly holds in your flabby abdomen; yet it stretches as you breathe, bend, stoop , after meals, etc. Detachable pouch. Air-cooled! Scientifically designed and made to give wonderful support and protection. Healthful, enjoyable abdominal control.It's great! You can wear Chevalier all day long. Will not bind or make you feel constricted. That's because the two-way stretch cloth plus the front adjustment bring you personalized fit. The Chevalier is designed according to scientific facts of healthful posture control. It's made by experts to give you the comfort and healthful lift you want. Just see all the wonderful features below. And remember you can get the Chevalier on free trial. Mail the coupon right now. Free trial offer. You risk nothing. Just mail coupon. Be sure to give name and addresss, also waist measure, etc. -- and mail today! 2. Try on the Chevalier. Adjust belt the way you want. See how your bulging bay window looks streamlined ... how comfortable you feel. How good it is! 3. Wear the Chevalier for 10 whole days if you want to! Wear it to work, evenings, while bowling, etc. The Chevalier must help you look and feel like a million or you can send it back. See offer in coupon. Ronnie Sales Inc., Dept 9311-E 487 Broadway, New York 13, N.Y.

Apparently this "health supporter belt" gives you a six pack too.

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