1967 ad: Toshiba flunks the balloon test

. Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sorry, we flunked the balloon test. Even with balloons our new portable color TV will never make the featherweight class. You can't win them all. But it wins every other comparison test with (ahem) flying colors. It's the first color portable built inside and out to take the jolts and jars of the portable people. And that means putting in the extras instead of taking off a few ounces. So we bonded high tensile strength steel bands to the new Toshiba Color TV picture tube for extra ruggedness. Rare earth phosphors added new color brilliance to the 117 sq. in. rectangular picture. We replaced tubes with 21 Toshiba solid state devices for new color TV reliability. (We modestly claim to the be world's largest manufacturer of transistors and diodes and we put our best ones in our color set.) The toughest portable color TV you can buy? Yes. The lightest? No. But with a new big screen picture so real it can capture the gleam in baby blue eyes ... you can't have everything. See Toshiba... famed in 130 lands for quality... and you'll know there's something new and better in Color TV. It's specially made for the portable people. Are you one of them? Toshiba. The International one.
I love the look on the model's face while she holds that TV. I'm sure it's freaking heavy. Even with the balloons.

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