1967 ad: Get more mileage from Starflite Lightweight Luggage

. Monday, October 14, 2013

How to travel is a matter of opinion. Getting more mileage from Starflite Lightweight Luggage is a fact. All luggage looks great the day you bring it home but beauty and durability only count when they stand the test of time. Starflite Lightweight Luggage is molded Polymite outside and lined with woven Polymite on the inside. That means its washable, inside and out and rugged as well. So forget stains, dents and bruises and enjy the beauty and durability of America's most beautiful lightweight luggage. And while you're enjoying Starflite, isn't it comforting to know you purchased it for so much less than Samsonite? Starflite Lightweight Luggage for all members of your family in six non-fade colors from $12.95 to $34.95. On sale at Macy's, New York and branches, Bambergers, new Jersey; Broadway Department Store, Los Angeles; Gimbel's, Milwaukee; Hecht C., Washington, D.C. For the store nearest you, write the Sardis Luggage Co., Dept. H-1267, Sardis, Mississippi 38666. Starflite Molded Luggage for people who travel and expect to again and again.
Do I need to point out what is so ridiculous about this ad? The headline says "How to travel is a matter of opinion." And apparently the recommendation is to travel topless on a raft! That's right. TOPLESS. On a RAFT.

The luggage does look nice though.

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