1971 ad: "They Do things for a Woman"

. Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We've got gift ideas for people with no idea what to give. The Presto Mist Hair Dryer is a beautiful gift. And also beautifully convenient. It has a conditioning mist for resetting without re-shampooing. and an extra large hood for extra big rollers. To get dinner earlier, get her the Presto Electric Pressure Cooker. A pressure cooker cooks 3 to 10 times faster than pots and pans. And the Presto Electric Pressure Cooker is automatic besides. It cooks flavor in, not out. And the electric Control Master maintains the right degree of cooking heat. Automatically! Make her a gift of  the Presto Jumbo Fry Pan. It's 15 inches big. Actually so big it makes a meal for eight people (or just two.) It holds everything at once so you can serve everything at once. Hot. Get her the Presto Coffeemaker, you'll get better coffee. If you want good coffee, start with a good clean coffeemaker. To make ours wash clean, we made it stainless steel with an open spout. The Presto Coffeemaker is completely submersible. So it comes completely clean. It also comes in 9 or 12-cup sizes. You can give her a better way to broil. The Presto Vertical Broiler. It seals meal flavor and juices in, because it broils both sides at the same time. And the Presto Vertical Broiler comes apart easily. Every part is easily washed clean. Presto gifts. They do things for a woman. Presto. National Presto Industries. Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701.

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