1890 ad: Facial Blemishes

. Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Facial blemishes. The largest establishment in the world for the treatment of hair and scalp, eczema, moles, warts, superfluous hair, birthmarks, moth, freckles, wrinkles, red nose, red veins, oily skin, acne, pimples, blackheads, barber's itch, scars, pittlugs, powder marks, bleaching, facial development, hollow or sunken cheeks, etc. Consultation free at office or by letter. 128 page book on all skin and scalp affections and their treatment, sent sealed to any address on receipt of 10 cents. John H. Woodbury, dermatologist, 125 W. 42d St., New York City. Facial soap, at druggists or by mail, 50 cents.

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