1907 ad: Buy Land in Canada -- "the land of sunshine and contented people"

. Friday, November 15, 2013

The Last Best West. Illimitable opportunities in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Healthy, happy homes for hundreds in the land of sunshine and contented people. Rapid increase in population. Rapid increase in population. The population of the prairie provinces increased from 419,512 in 1901 to 808,863 in 1906, since which date thousands have poured in monthly, settling up the vacant lands. Coming from all quarters of the globe. The United States, Great Britain and continental countries all supply their quota of landless farmers seeking fertile fields in the last country where such can be obtained free. First comers have first choice. In 1897 there were entered for 2,384 homesteads, which increased to 42,012 in 1906. Large areas are still open on the same terms as during the past, but the earlier the arrival of a settler the more land there is from which to make a selection. Information and advice can be obtained from W.D. Scott, Superintendent of Immigration. Ottawa, Canada. J. Bruce Walker, Assistant Superintendant of Emigration. 11-12 Charing Cross Long, England. 

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