1908 Sears Catalog ad: Conversation Tubes -- "for the relief of deafness"

. Thursday, November 28, 2013

Conversation tubes are undoubtedly the best device ever made for the relief of deafness, and these are the very highest grade of conversation tubes made, finely constructed throughout with a peculiar metallic spiral lining which gives the tube great flexibility and at the same time keeps it fully distended in any position. No. 20K3250 Mohair Conversation tube, medium size, tapered, covered with flexible mohair, hard rubber ear piece and bell. Price $1.30. If by mail postage extra 13 cents. No. 20K3251 Mohair Conversation Tube, same as Nol 20K3250 but larger size 3 feet in length. Price $1.40. If by mail, postage extra 20 cents. No. 20K3255 Silk Conversation Tube very highest grade manufactured, covered with the finest quality black silk, tapered tube, medium size. price $1.6. No. 2K3256 Silk conversation tube, same style and quality as No. 20K3255 but larger size, 3 feet in length.

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