1908 Sears Catalog Ad: Embroideries in 5-Yard Lengths

. Saturday, November 9, 2013

Embroideries in 5-yard lengths. We herewith present an entirely new feature, embroideries put up in 5-yard lengths, neatly carded, folded and enclosed in a special envelope. Every woman knows that embroideries are made in short lengths and pieced together. Sometimes it is not convenient to use pieced embroidery on a garment, and for this reason we have gotten up this special 5-yard package. The embroideries are made in one continuous length, no jointed seams or pieces, and the embroideries cannot be soiled by handling as the special envelope fully protects them.  Our special 5-yard package should be appreciated by every woman; aside from the advantage which we have gained by placing exceptionally large orders on the numbers we show in this manner which consequently permits us to name lower prices to you, the mere fact that the goods will reach you in the best possible condition, always clean, neat and attractive, should make it a great inducement to every one to purchase their embroideries this way. The illustration which we show gives you an idea of how the package is made up. The envelope is made of a special transparent paper so that the pattern of the embroidery shows through. Each 5-yard length is carded and tied with ribbon. Undoubtedly it is the neatest embroidery package that has ever been offered to the trade. Where embroideries are shown in 5-yard lengths we will not sell a less quantity. The prices quoted are for the 5-yard pieces.

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