1908 Sears Catalog ad: Girls' Dragon Head Sled

. Thursday, November 28, 2013

Girls' Dragon Head Sled. No. 19K1795. This handsome sled is made of hardwood throughout, finished in the natural finish with beautifully painted top. Fitted with round side fenders which pass through holes in cross beams which rest on the three steam bend knees. The knees are neatly mortised into the steam bent runners, which are shod with half oval steel shoes. In addition to the two diagonal steel braces, it is also fitted with three upright braces on each side, which are specially bent to fit over the end of cross beams and securely fastened, extended down along the knees and firmly attached to the runner thus rendering this the strongest girls' wood frame sled on the market. Size: length 33 inches: width, 15 inches height, 8 inches. Shipping weight about 10 pounds price $1.15.

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