1908 Sears Catalog ad: White Lily Face Wash - "Recommended by thousdands of beautiful women"

. Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our white lily face wash. 45 cents per bottle. The great face, neck and arm whitener. The ladies' favorite toilet preparation. Retail price, 75 cents. Our price, per bottle... 45 cents. Recommended by thousands of beautiful women Different from most complexion preparations, our White Lily Face Wash contains not a particle of lead, silver, sulphur, arsenic, mercury or other poisonous mineral by which most complexion remedies and particularly the advertised ones, produce a temporary smoothness and brilliance of the skin. White Lily Face Wash is clear and harmless as water, contains no poison, no sediment, nothing to hurt the most tender and delicate skin. Its effect will aid in removing pimples, blackheads, freckles, roughness and tan in a short timme. White Lily Face Wash smooths out wrinkles and roughness, imperfections and irritations of the skin disappear, restores the delicate tint of girlhood and youth, leaving the skin soft and velvety. Nothing is more attractive than a lovely complexion. Do you want to be beautiful? Do you want a spotless skin, a matchless complexion? Do you want white arms, neck and face? Send for a bottle of White Lily Face Wash, use it according to directions and give it a fair trial. You will be satisfied with the good results obtained. White Lily Face Wash has a wonderful sale. The market is full of injurious complexion preparations. Many in fact most of these preparations contain lead, arsenic, bismuth or mercury and are really dangerous in their effects. You can protect yourself from serious skin diseases by using our White Lily Face Wash. Take no chances. Avoid all danger. Use only a preparation that is absolutely harmless, one that you can depend on for a spotless skin, a positive beautier that has been recommended by thousands of ladies. Use only the genuine White Lily Face Wash, to secure for yourself the best results. No. 8K3100 Regular retail price, per bottle, 75 cents; our price 45 cents. If by mail, postage and mailing tube extra 18 cents.

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