1922 ad: Cleveland Motorcycle at half the cost of others

. Thursday, November 21, 2013

Price $185. One-half the average motorcycle price. Six other of the big motorcycles average $370 in selling price. Yet the Cleveland -- with leadership quality unquestioned -- sells at $185.00. Consistently, through the seven years of its manufacture, Cleveland has linked lower price with unchallenged value. We are selling economical transportation. 75 miles to the gallon of gas -- 15,000 miles on tires. The Cleveland is light of weight and has a low saddle position. As safe as riding a bicycle. Lowest priced real motorcycle you can buy. Write now for catalog M. Can you recommend a live man for Cleveland dealer in your town? Cleveland Motorcycle MFG Co. Cleveland U.S.A. 75 miles to the gallon. 7th year. Cleveland Motor Cycle.

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