1922 ad: E.I. Co. Chemical Laboratory set

. Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A real chemical laboratory. The new E.I. Co. Chemical Laboratory contains real chemicals and apparatus to perform real chemical experiments. This outfit is not a toy, put up merely to amuse, but a practical laboratory set, with all the chemicals, apparatus and reagents necessary to perform real work and to teach the beginner all the secrets of inorganic chemistry. With this outfit we give free a book containing a Treatise in Elementary Chemistry, useful data and recipes and 100 instructive and amusing experiments. Description of the Outfit. The outfit consists of  chemicals and reagents all C.P. (chemical pure) put up in appropriate wooden boxes, glass bottles, and hermetically closed jars. The acids are put up in glass bottles, with ground-in glass stoppers and there is a sufficient quantity of chemicals supplied (mostly one to two ounces) to make dozens of experiments with each. The apparatus furnished are all of the best obtainable make and of standard laboratory size and shape. The Instruction Book is a real Chemistry Course for the Beginner. Some of the Contents are: Division of Matter: This is a Treatise on Elementary Chemistry and deals with the theory of the Elements, Molecules and Atoms, etc. Chemical Nomenclature: This explains in simple language the derivation of the chemical names of the elements and their compounds. There is a chapter on Laboratory Operations; Glass Working; First Aid; Fire Extinguishers; Experimenters' Aphorisms, etc. A good part of the book is devoted to Weights and Measures. The Metric System. The English System and the U.S. System are fully explained. The following tables are furnished: Symbols and Atomic weights of the Elements; Measures of Weights, Volume, Capacity and Length; per Cent solutions; Conversion of Measure expressed in parts; poisons and their antidotes; Technical and common name of chemical substances; Formulas for Cleaning various substances, etc., etc. Among the 100 experiments are: How to make chemical tricks; How to make invisible and magic inks; How to test flour; How to test soil; How to Make Chlorine Gas and smoke (German War Gas); How to bleach cloth and flowers. how to produce oxygen and hydrogen; How to make chemical colors; How to test Acids and Alkalies and hundreds of interesting hints and formulas. Price complete $7.50. Shipping weight 10 lbs. (Can be shipped by Express only.) We guarantee shipment within 24 hours after your order is received. Send no money. We have so much confidence in this set that we desire to ship it to you by express COD with the privilege of inspection. In other words we practically ship the outfit on approval. It does not cost you one cent to take a good look at the outfit, and see if it comes up to your expectations. If it does, ay the express man $7.50 plus express charges. If you do not think that the outfit is all that we claim for it, you need not accept it. and we will pay the return charges as well. Electro Importing Co., 231 Fulton St., N.Y. City. Just sign and mail the coupon.

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