1941 ad: Bike 5 and 55 Supporters

. Saturday, November 30, 2013

He looks up to you... and he's your responsibility. Supporter Wilt is dangerous. Bike quality assures dependable, lasting support. No coach is interested in just part-time protection for his athletes. Full protection every playing moment is essential. And that means proper equipment starting with a comfortable, effective non-chafing supporter. For these important reasons Bike is chosen by most coaches to support all their teams. Bike's special non-wilt feature assure the kind of support every athlete needs -- dependable, long lasting, comfortable. The finer materials in Bike guarantee it. And Bike's two famous numbers, 5 and 55, alone in the athletic goods field use famous "Lastex," the miracle yarn. For full protection... for lasting support... equip your men with Bike Nos 5 or 55, the supporters worn by more athletes than any other make. Bike No. 5 and 55 offer these important non-wilt features. 1. Lastex, the Mirracle Yarn that makes things fit. Bike Nos 5 and 55 alone in the athletic goods field Lastex yarn. The greater uniformity of a cross section of Lastex assures longer life. 2. No sizing to cause wilt from repeated launderings. Every Bike pouch is full size for maximum wear and comfort. No skimping of materials to cause binding. 3. Test Bike yourself for elasticity for strength. No sizing or filler assures Bike's greater elasticity and longer life. Pre-Shrunk! All Bike elastic is pre-shrunk in a special solution, then carefully dried without tension. Another reason why Bike gives long-lasting comfort and protection -- can take hard use and extra washings. Bike 5 and 55 Supporters. Sales Agents A.S. Callaway & Co., 306 Broadway, New York - Martin & Martin, 5 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago - McDonald & Billmire, 604 Mission Street, San Francisco - John H. Graham & Company, Inc., 105 Duane Street, New York - H.B. Hughes, 1209 N. Edgefield Ave., Dallas. Bike Web Manufacturing Company Dana E. Morrison, President 41 West 25th Street, Chicago

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