1941 ad: Tobacco Redeemer helps you quit tobacco

. Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Do you want to stop tobacco? Banish the craving for tobacco as thousands have. Make yourself free and happy with Tobacco Redeemer. Not a substitute, not habit forming. Write for free booklet telling of injurious effect of tobacco and dependable, easy way to relieve the craving many men have. Nowell Pharmacal Co. Dept. 600, St. Louis, Missouri. Free book. 
Two things I think are interesting about this ad:
1) That this product is only marketed to men. (Apparently women either didn't smoke or didn't want to quit.)
2) Back in 1941 it was very clear to some people that tobacco had injurious effects even while cigarettes were still being touted as having health benefits.

I would love to see this free book.

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