1941 ad: Charles Atlas gave this guy a handsome, prize-winning body

. Friday, November 1, 2013

He mailed this coupon. J.G. O'Brien Atlas Champion Cup Winner. This is an ordinary snapshot of one of Charles Atlas' Californian pupils. This is coupon O'Brien sent ot get free book. Yours is below -- clip it now! and here's the handsome prize-winning body I gave him! J.G. O'Brien saw my coupon. He clipped and mailed it. He got my free book and followed my instructions. He became a new man. Now read what he says. "Look at me now! 'Dynamic Tension' Works! I'm proud of the natural easy way you have made me an Atlas Champion." J.G. O'Brien. "I'll prove that you, too, can be a new man" -- Charles Atlas. I don't care how old or young you are, or how ashamed of your present physical condition you may be. If you can simply raise your arm and flex it I can add solid muscle to your biceps -- yes, on each arm -- in double-quick time! Only 15 minutes a day -- right in your own home -- is all the time I ask of you! And there's no cost if I fail. I can broaden your shoulders, strengthen your back, develop your whole muscular system inside and outside!  I can add inches to your chest, give you a viselike grip, make those legs of yours lithe and powerful. I can shoot new strength into your old backbone, exercise those inner organs help you cram your body so full of pep, vigor and red-blooded vitality that you won't feel there's even standing room left for weakness and that lazy feeling. Before I get through with you I'll have your whole frame measured to a nice, new beautiful suit of muscle. Only 15 minutes a day. "Dynamic Tension!" That's the ticket! The identical natural method that I myself developed to change my body from the scrawny, skinny-chested weakling I was at 17 to my present superman physique! Thousands of other fellows are becoming marvelous physical specimens - my way. I give you no gadgets or contraptions to fool you. You learn to develop your strength through "Dynamic Tension." You simply utilize the Dormant muscle-power in your own God-given body -- watch it increase and multiply double-quick into real, solid live muscle. My method -- "Dynamic Tension" will turn the trick for you. No theory -- every exercise is practical. And man, so easy! Spend only 15 minutes a day in your own home. From the very start you'll be using my method of "Dynamic Tension" almost unconsciously every minute of the day - walking, bending over, etc. -- to build muscle and vitality. Free book "Everlasting Health and Strength" In it I talk to you in straight from the shoulder language. Packed with inspirational pictures of myself and pupils -- fellows who become new men in strength, my way. Let me show you what I helped them do. See what I can do for you! For a real thrill, send for this book today At Once. Charles Atlas, Dept. 9H 115 East 23rd Street New York City.
I love these old Charles Atlas ads with the high-wasted man panties and testimonials from former weaklings.

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