1950 ad: Westinghouse Light Bulb Contest

. Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who is Miss Wink? Hurry! Hurry! Contest Closes May 31st. Another Exciting Westinghouse $25,000 Light Bulb Contest. So easy! Here's all you need to know... This is a combination jingle and mystery contest, one the whole family will enjoy! Everybody uses light bulbs, so everybody can enter this contest. Present users know -- and new users will find -- that Westinghouse bulbs are bright and long-lasting, the best that money can buy, so get your Westinghouse bulbs and your contest blank now. 1. How to enter. Buy three Westinghouse light bulbs and get an entry blank from your dealer. Send as many entries as you wish but for each entry you must certify that you bought three Westinghouse bulbs and give dealer's name and address. Mail to Westinghouse Miss Wink Contest, Box 7, N. Y. 46, N.Y. Contest closes midnight May 31, 1950. 2. Complete the Jingle. Write a last line for this jingle, which is printed on entry blank: Put Westinghouse bulbs in your sockets today /  And have better lighting tonight. You'll notice the difference at work or at play. _____________________ (last line must rhyme with tonight). Prizes for best jingles will be awarded on basis of sincerely, originality, and aptness. Judge's decisions are final. Duplicate Prizes in case of ties. 3. Name Miss Wink. Clues are given below her picture. However don't send us the name of Miss Wink yet! Here's why: The writers of the best 477 jingles will automatically receive the prizes listed in Prize Column #1. Then, each winner will be notified and asked to identify Miss Wink, in order to receive the bonus prize. The first prize jingle winner is eligible for the first bonus prize. The second prize jingle winner is eligible for the second bonus prize and so forth. Note: If your dealer has no entry blank, copy jingle on plain paper, then buy the required bulbs and have your dealer sign or stamp the paper on which you write your entry. Be sure to print your name and address and dealer's name and address. Contest limited to continental United States and Hawaii. You can win as much as $5,000. Name a gale from Tennessee (or one from Carolina) A singer (or song) is she and no one good be finah. Easy to enter. Buy 3 Westinghouse Household Light Bulbs. 25, 40 or 60 watt. 3 for 36 cents plus tax. Or buy any Westinghouse bulbs with total cost of 36 cents or more, such as a three-light lamp, nite lite, or silvered bowl bulb.

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