1950 ad: Make a Date with a Rocket (88 Oldsmobile)

. Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Make a date with a rocket. Whirlaway Hydra-Matic, at reduced price, now otional on all Oldsmobile models. Smooth...smooth... superlatively smooth is the wonderful "Rocket" ride! And this is the ride that awaits you at the wheel of the "Rocket" Oldsmobile! For only Oldsmobile has the "Rocket" engine with its famous high-compression power. Only Oldsmobile has the velvet action of new Whirlaway. Hydra-Matic Drive. And only in Oldsmobile will you find futuramic beauty and glamor to match the "Rocket's" flashing performance. Fleet, easy-flowing lines! Interiors, smart and trim and tailored for comfort and luxury. Visibility, better than ever the the "88's" new one-piece windshield! This is Oldsmobile and you've got to drive it to believe it! Make your date with a "Rocket 8" at your Oldsmobile dealer's today! A Sensation on a Demonstration! Your futuristic Oldsmobile dealer makes it easy for you to enjoy the spectacular thrill of a Rocket ride. His special "Rocket 88" demonstrator is ready and waiting for you. 88 Oldsmobile. a General Motors Value.

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