1955 ad: Camay's Caressing Care

. Saturday, November 2, 2013

New millions have tried it! New millions love it! Have you discovered Camay's Caressing Care? There's Cold Cream now in Camay. No other Beauty soap pampers your skin like Camay. Let it help you to a fresher, clearer more radiant complexion. Yes, gentle, luxurious Camay with its caressing care can be the best friend your complexion ever had! With its skin-pampering mildness, velvety lather and exclusive fragrance, it's the beauty secret of so many exquisite brides. Let it caress your skin to new loveliness too. Just change to regular care... use Camay and Camay alone. You'll see your skin become fresher, more radiant, softer with your first satin-smooth cake. And remember there's precious cold cream in Camay -- added luxury at no extra cosst. For your beauty and your bath, there's no finer soap ina ll the world. "New cold cream Camay is my idea of the perfect beauty soap," says Mrs. Jess Altman, an enchanting Camay Bride. "It's so mild and gentle, I just love the feel of it on my skin. And I love the way it keeps my complexion looking its best, too."  Camay, the soap of beautiful women.
This is the soap my grandma always used. It really was creamy.

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