1967 ad: S.S. France has no walls

. Saturday, November 30, 2013

There are no walls on the S.S. France. It's the life aboard the "France" that makes the difference. A genial nonchalance comes over people on the "France." Even the shy ones. Eyes gleam. Hands touch. Faces fall into smiles. Suddenly a 15th anniversary seems more like a honeymoon. There are people who are gladdened each time they see you. The delightful couple at the next table soon became valued friends. The French have a word for this disarming transformation. Epanouissement. It happens to flowers in spring. Women in love. You. Epanouissement. It crumbles walls. French Line 610 Fifth Avenue New York 10080. Regular sailings to and from Southampton and Le Havre.

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