1967 ad: The Great American Escape

. Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Inns announce The Great American Escape... "family style" Fly the coop with the whole brood. Plot your getaway from the routine to your nearby Holiday Inn and escape with the entire family. There's real excitement in going places and doing things together and family fun has never been closer or more convenient. Enjoy being hometown tourists for a weekend holiday and your little escapees under twelve get away scot free when sharing your accommodations. You can be sure there's a Holdiay Inn nearby just perfect for your family outing. Of course, charge everything to your Gulf Travel Card, American Exress, or Diners Club Cards. Refreshed and home again, you'll wonder, "Why didn't we do this before?" (And you'll plan to do it again, too!) Join the Great American Escape to a Holiday Inn soon. Password - "Fun!" Write for your free Holiday Inn Passport to Fun, Food and Lodging: Holiday Inns of America. Dept GAE-2H. Holiday City P.O. Box 18216 Memphis Tennessee 38118

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