1900 ad: Parke, Davis & Co's Antidiphtheritic Serum

. Friday, December 27, 2013

No other serum, German, French or American, has ever yielded such high percentages of recovery. Chicago mortality 4.78 per cent. In Chicago, during the months of November and December 1898, and January and February 1899, there were treated wit Parke, Davis and Co's Antidiphtheritic Serum by the Antitoxin Staff of the Chicago Health Department 418 cases (microscopically verified) with 20 deaths -- a mortality rate of 4.78 per cent.  Denver mortality 3.5 per cent. In Denver during 1898 there were treated with Parke, Davis & Co's Antidiphtheritic Serum 230 cases, with 8 deaths -- a mortality rate of 3.5 per cent.  Physicians prefer our Antidiphtheritic Serum. It will pay you to carry it in stock. Write us for our special proposition. Parke, Davis & Company. Home offices and laboratories Detroit, Michigan. Branches in New York, Kansas City, Baltimore, New Orleans and Montreal, Quebec. Branch laboratories London, England and Walkerville Ontario.

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