1908 Sears Catalog ad: Acme Hickory Airtight

. Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Acme Hickory Airtight at $4.95 and $5.62. Our Hickory at $4.95 and $5.62 is a direct radiator, instead of a hot air circulator. It has the hot blast down draft with screw adjustment, the large ash opening with direct draft screw adjustments, making it airtight when desired to keep fire. The urn and foot rails are handsomely nickled. We guarantee this positively the highest grade, best made, most economical in the consumption of fuel and the best distributor of heat of any direct draft, sheet steel airtight stove made and for the trifling difference in cost between this, our special direct down draft, fancy trimmed airtight and the more common sheet steel airtight heater, we would especially recommend that you select this stove. This direct draft airtight heater differs from most all other direct draft airtight heaters in that it has a hot blast down draft with the latest screw attachment, making it more economical in the consumption of fuel, more even in the distribution of heat, holding your fire more easily under control. The difference in the cost of the fuel consumed in the stove as against the ordinary direct draft airtight heater will in one winter far more than pay the price we ask for the stove. Our special price is based on the actual cost of material and labor, in our own foundry, the largest stove foundry in the world, with but our one small percentage of profit added. These prices are lower than dealers can buy elsewhere in carload lots. Size of pipe to fit collar is 6 inches on both sizes. We can always furnish repairs for Acmes if needed in future years. Price list of the Acme Hickory with hot blast draft, strongly crated and delivered on the cars at our foundry in Newark, Ohio.

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