1908 Sears Catalog ad: Boys' Farm Wagon

. Monday, December 30, 2013

$4.73 for Boys' improved farm wagon with detachable seat, handle and shafts. Pole and whiffle-tree 75 cents extra. No. 19K1718 Boys' Improved Farm Wagon, complete with handle and shafts. This is a perfect reproduction of a farm wagon from box to wheels. Body is 18x36 inches, frame constructed entirely of hardwood. The endgates of box are removable and are fitted with regular endgate rods. The bos can be removed leaving bed and stakes. The stakes are trimmed with band iron and fitted with rings. The gearing has bent hounds and adjustable reach, made of the best grade of seasoned stock, fitted with 9-16-inch round steel axle. The wheels are 14 and 20 inches with malleable iron hub caps and bands, strong and substantial wheel. All parts are strongly ironed and braced. The gearing and wheels are painted in bright red and hand striped in black. The box is painted in Brewster green, set off by handsome landscape and scrollwork. It is the handsomest, strongest and best boys' wagon on the market. Shipping weight, about 68 pounds. For goat or dog harness, see index. Price $4.73.

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