1908 Sears Catalog ad: Dust Protector

. Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our 75-cent dust protector. No. 20K3201 Against dust it is the greatest protector ever made. For thrashers, grain men, millers, farmers and everyone whose duties call him into dusty places. It is worth a thousand times its cost as a protection to the lungs to the general health and comfort. Thousands of men are saved from consumption by the use of this protector. It protects the nose and mouth from the intrusion of dust which is so injurious to the head and lungs. No miller, grain buyer, thrasher or farmer is safe without one. They afford perfect protection with perfect ventilation. Made of fine metal, handsomely nickel plated, bounded with chamois skin, adjustable to anyone by strong elastic band, absolutely indestructible and worth a thousand times the trifling cost as a safeguard to health. Each protector comes packed in a neat box with full instructions for use. Price 75 cents. If by mail, postage extra 5 cents.
I love this image.

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