1908 Sears Catalog ad: Railroad attachment turns ordinary bicycle into a railroad velocipede

. Friday, December 20, 2013

Harris 20th Century Railroad Attachment. This transforms the ordinary bicycle into the most practical and durable device for obtaining high speed on railroad tracks, making a regular railroad velocipede out of an ordinary bicycle. It consists of three braces made of seamless steel tubing, telescoped into each other for convenience in adjusting or carrying. they are attached to a steel wheel with double flanges and rubber covered surface, which makes it absolutely noiseless in operation. It is light, strong and simple and can be attached to or detached from the bicycle in a very few moments. Either a low or high rate of speed can be very easily maintained, and it is impossible to slip, owing to the rubber tires. Our illustration plainly indicates the manner of attaching and when not needed it can be easily carried on the handle bars as it takes but a very small amount of space. the parts are substantially made and intended to have great durability. Nicely enameled in black. Weight, 4 pounds. This attachment has become very popular  with railroad and telegraph employees, both male and female. No. 19k1639 Harris 20th Century Railroad Attachment. Price $5.45. Harris No. 2 Flyer Attachment. Same as above with extra wheels to be placed in front and behind bicycle. Especially constructed for persons desiring to secure a high rate of speed as it will hold the curves better and sustain heavier loads than the No. 1. Weight, 11 pounds. $7.70. No. 19K1640 Harris No. 2 Flyer Attachment. Price $7.70.

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