1908 Sears Catalog ad: Wehrle Gas Range

. Monday, December 30, 2013

Wehrle Model No. 80 Gas Range with convenient Largo, Roomy, Low Broiling Oven, With Powerful Water Heater Extension containing water coil to be connected to a range boiler having city water pressure. At $18.06 to $20.06 we offer this, our Wehrle Gas Range with drop door and low broiler in competition with the highest priced gas ranges in the world. They are gas savers and customer makers. This is the exact same range as catalogue. Nos. 22K549 and 22K550 at $13.93 to $15.93, with the addition of the water heater extension and six 7-inch cooking holes. Will heat a 30-gallon range boiler at a minimum cost for gas. The magnificent Colonial cast front; the perfect oven, fitted with our special oven door thermometer with accuracy measures the heat and saves gass bills and beautiful oven door frame, ornamental with handsome silver nickeled oven door handle and name plate, the powerful water heater and artistic broad sweeping cast base with its ornate high art nickeed corner piece -- in short, embodying all the strong and up to date features of every other high grade gas range with the defects of none and our untiring labor and strong efforts to produce absolutely the best stamps our entire line of Wehrle Model Gas Ranges without an equal and recommends them to the wide awake housekeeper for economy, simplicity, durability and reliability. See preceding page for detailed description. The illustration shows it ready for natural gas. When ordered for artificial gas we furnish this range with open top grates. Price list Wehrle Low Broiling Gas Range, Including Water Heater Extension and water coil. Do not fail to state whether you use manufactured gas or natural gas. These ranges cannot be used with gasoline or acetylene gas.

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