1914 ad: Now you can drink all the coffee you wish

. Saturday, December 28, 2013

Now you can drink all the coffee you wish. No more do you have to risk indigestion when you drink coffee. Simply put the quantity desired in a cup -- pour on boiling water; and instantly you have full, rich flavored coffee -- absolutely pure. Always the same -- strength as desired. By a wonderful process George Washington removes the disturbing acids and oils (always present in ordinary coffee) insuring perfectly digestible coffee. G. Washington's Instant Coffee.  Two sizes from 30 cents to 90 cents except in exteme west and south. At all grocers. Many of New York's finest homes, best clubs and leading hotels rely exclusively on G. Washington's Instant Coffee -- particularly for the demi-tasse. G. Washingoton Coffee Sales Co. 79 Wall Street, New York City.

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